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Passionate about a career in the performing arts

The Fourth Wall – the imaginary “wall” at the front of the stage, through which the audience views the action in the world of the play – an established theatrical convention. Whether we’re bursting through it or respecting it, sat in front of it or working behind it, it is one of the fundamental tenets of theatre. Fourthwall Magazine is the fundamental resource for the profession.

Thousands apply to UK drama schools each year, with the aim of studying for a career in the performing arts. They bring passion, hope and a unique voice to the profession. Fourthwall Magazine (formerly The Drama Student Magazine) was launched in January 2009 as a voice for those people, bringing together a community actively pursuing a career in theatre, film, television or radio – either as an actor, behind the scenes, or a mix of both. As they take their first difficult steps into what is a highly competitive but intensely rewarding industry, this is an invaluable publication that they can trust to guide them at every step.

Fourthwall covers the whole journey, from auditioning for drama school, through to graduation and beyond. We believe that to succeed in this industry, it is important that we constantly challenge ourselves and often that means the training never leaves us. Fourthwall is at the forefront of that passion, delivering a magazine that is informative, amusing, intelligent, thought-provoking, accessible and challenging. Above all, we’re a publication that is passionate about careers in the performing arts.

Wherever you stand in the industry, we want you part of this exciting publication.

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