A game of cat and mouse in London’s Theatre Land

Theatre Land could see the return of cats to fight against the problem of vermin running wild in older theatres.


Actor's union Equity have agreed on a motion to lobby theatres to house ‘theatre cats' to scare off mice and rats. The union is committed to creating enhanced working conditions for its members and following numerous complaints of pests.

West End theatres are having a problem with mice and rats

An Equity spokesman said: “We have anecdotal evidence that a number of West End theatres are having a problem with mice and rats,” reports The Press Association.

A staff member from a leading London pest control company, who asked not to be named, has told The Drama Student: “London theatres have an enormous problem with mice and rats. You only have to go backstage and you will see our poison bait boxes in every corridor,” he said. “We have to work very hard to control the problem. I'm not sure how effective cats will be in tackling the issue. I don’t think I’ll be out of a job just yet let’s say.”

Theatre cats are just a number of measures Equity are proposing to combat the problem.

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