BBC's Gavin and Stacey will surely win me friends

I have to be honest. I wasn't a big Gavin and Stacey fan before last night. Not because I didn't think it was funny, it's just I hadn't really been a loyal viewer. I'd got to know the characters through watching earlier snippets, but that was pretty much it.

The series, written by the hugely gifted James Cordon and Ruth Jones, is on its final outing and this time I made a solemn promise to myself.

“I, Philip K Matthews, will not, under any circumstances, be one of the ignorant few who sits patiently while his friends crack up relaying every highly amusing moment down the pub.” Not that I go to pubs that much. Not that I have friends for that matter, but you follow me.

Skilled at the voices, reciting the gags, laughing, giggling and rejoicing at one of the best TV creations ever

I'm now thrilled to say that when I do find some ready chums into Gavin and Stacey, and let's face it they will be fans (isn't everyone?), I'll perch myself in the Old Jolly Miller with pint in hand, skilled at the voices, reciting the gags, laughing, giggling and rejoicing at one of the best TV creations ever. Not just to be popular you understand (although that's reason enough), but because I love it.

Last night's episode was genius. Gavin and Stacey is a simple comedy, with strong and well-observed characters at the core of an eccentric family unit. The best comedy, in my opinion, always comes from real life situations and people, and Cordon and Jones manage to successfully heighten the ticks and tocks of folks we all know.

Go to any wedding, christening or family gathering and there they are. An abundance of colourful characters lurking around every corner – or karaoke machine.

Phil-Matthews_blogThe skill is to transfer those characters onto the screen, yet here it's done with ease. The highlight in last night's half hour was, without doubt, Bryn's rendition of Something Inside So Strong at the christening of Nessa and Smithy's baby. Rob Brydon is a spot on legend – and some.

So, roll on next Thursday 9pm. I'll be bereft if I miss it.

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