Camden People’s Theatre launches Sprint season

On Tuesday it will be launching its 14th Sprint season. Designed to help promote the work of new and emerging contemporary art companies and individuals, Sprint will see work from the likes of Forest Fringe, Ira Brand, Analogue, Greg McLaren (Stoke Newington Airport) and Michael Pinchbeck.

The programme is a typically eclectic mix, including a one man opera, a travelling sound library, a chance to enact your own kitchen sink drama and a performance encountered entirely in pitch black. Tickets are £10 with concessions at £8, whilst some of the events are free.

Sunday 13th March will see a day of work-in-progress ‘sharings’, the culmination of CPT’s new artist development programme Starting Blocks. A peer-supported group of 5 artists and companies have been working together over a 10 week period, moulding, shaping and creating new pieces of work that will feature in Sprint. It’s fitting that this forms the centre piece of a festival so dedicated to the promotion of young and emerging artists.

Go along, they won’t bite.

Running for the whole of March details of the programme can be found here.

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