Edinburgh Reviews: Between (The Space), Everyman (Underbelly)

Between, The Space @ Surgeon’s Hall ✭✭

Between‘s dramatic structure reframes a story in a series of vignettes, depicting different stages in a gay relationship. The writing reaches for a lofty and romanticised narrative but has the self-indulgent air of a memoir, which ultimately is only really of interest only to the writer. The text is obscured in clichéd meanderings which, despite the titilating nod to full-frontal nudity, makes for a dull, relentlessly one-note performance. It is frustrating, principally because the actors are evidently talented, but the material is lacklustre and unoriginal.

** (2 stars)
Runs until 17th August
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Everyman, Underbelly Bristo Square ✭✭✭✭

An intelligent riot of a morality play, Splendid Productions’ Everyman updates the classic tale to a modern fable in Kerry Frampton’s delightful adaptation. The episodic structure is enhanced by music, song and some excellent audience participation, but it is the charm of joie-de-vivre of the performers that makes this such a wonderful entertainment. Affectionate and witty, this is a pacy ride through modern mores which leaves the audience laughing in pure joy, while still delivering a timely and important message. Frampton leads a three-strong cast with energy, precision and a beautifully developed relationship with the audience. Perfectly splendid.

**** (4 stars)
Runs until 26th August
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