Edinburgh Reviews: From Where I’m Standing (Underbelly), The Love Project (Underbelly)

From Where I’m Standing, Underbelly, ✭✭✭

Delirium are a young company to keep an eye on. From Where I’m Standing is a sensational, technologically advanced production that brilliantly fuses physical theatre, drama, music and technology to create something that is truly special. The script and the acting are the weakest parts of this creation – what could have been a genuinely exciting and intriguing story becomes a mundane little tale, and some of the acting is way below the standard they have set themselves. The direction is passionate rather than precise, but these are all slight problems that will be ironed out as the company progresses. Their reach and ambition is dazzling.

*** (3 stars)
Runs until 26th August
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The Love Project, Underbelly, ✭✭✭✭

In amongst all the explosion and sensationalism that is the Edinburgh fringe, the bells and whistles, nestles this, frankly gorgeous, understated verbatim piece about love. The four actors are sensationally good, switching between characters in the blink of an eye – the names of each character are projected onto the back screen, but so strong is the acting and characterisation that this becomes superfluous after a while. A dizzying range of ages, accents, sexualities and experiences speak frankly, candidly and poetically about love. The Love Project will draw you in with it’s simplicity, but it is the detail, the genuine love for the work, and the universality of this piece that will remain with you.

**** (4 stars)
Runs until 26th August
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