Edinburgh Reviews: Jekyll & Hyde (Assembly Roxy), Company Man (C Venues)

Jekyll & Hyde, Flipping the Bird, Assembly Roxy ✭✭✭

In an particularly apt subterranean setting, Flipping the Bird have succeeded in creating a myriad of Victorian interiors and exteriors using an astonishingly simple set, and judicious lighting. This is atmospheric Gothic Victoriana benefitting from an excellent cast relishing a dense and taut script. Jonathan Holloway’s script is intelligently written although it suffers a little from the cuts necessary to fit an Edinburgh time slot. The piece is directed with real flair and style, and the cast absolutely give themselves over to the tenor, but the overly expository structure hampers the pace somewhat. Nevertheless this is perfectly suited to a late-night Assembly slot, and it’s dark grotesquery will thrill many.

*** (3 stars)
Runs until 25th August
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Company Man, Cheeky Park, C Venues, Adam House, C-1 ✭✭✭✭

From Japanese physical theatre company Cheeky Park, Company Man manages to be physically thrilling, frequently hilarious and a testament to just what can be achieved on the fringe in a relatively tiny space. An impressive array of skills combine in this witty and inventive physical piece; silk work, aerial work and even trapeze manage to find their way into the small C-1 space, without ever seeming to be a set-piece or threatening to derail the storytelling. Cheeky Park have kept clear narrative uppermost in their production with the result being that every move, leap, turn seems included only to serve the story. There are some physically outstanding pieces here, but more than anything it is the humour and geniality of the performances that win you over.

**** (4 stars)
Runs until 26th August
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