Edinburgh Reviews: Where The White Stops (Underbelly), This Was The World And I Was King (C Nova)

Where The White Stops, Underbelly ✭✭✭

At times reminiscent of Noël Greig’s youth theatre work, Antler Theatre’s Where The White Stops is a folk fable brought to life by strong physical work and excellent performances from a talented young cast of four. The narrative pace drags somewhat, and at times it feels as if the story is serving the comedic skills and idiosyncrasies of the performers rather than, as should be, the reverse, but this is nonetheless excellent storytelling and a polished production.

*** (3 stars)
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This Was The World And I Was King, C Nova ✭✭✭✭

Hook Hitch Theatre have achieved something remarkable – in probably the least theatrical space on the Edinburgh Fringe, a bland, bare room with sparse seats ranged around the wall, they have magicked a world rich in imagination and clarity. This Was The World is steeped in charm, delightful puppetry, a filmic sensibility and a gorgeous, folk-tinged musical accompaniment. True, some of the acting is below par, and the direction is perfunctory rather than imaginative, but the young cast perfectly capture the World War I period setting and transport us on their fantastical adventures. An absolute treat; sheer exuberant joy from start to finish.

**** (4 stars)
Show has ended
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