Film Review: StreetDance 3D – Cinemas Nationwide

The plot came as no surprise – take one dance cru, one ballet school, force them to work together in order to win, break the rules along the way and end with a final romance. Voila. But this is nothing we haven't seen before, again and again, from our American counterparts.

However, what is different this time is that this was a British film, a British cast and, most importantly, a brilliant showcase of British talent. Dance has been gradually sweeping the nation, shimmying forward from behind mirrored studios. Traditional came first with shows like Strictly Came Dancing and now the more risque and street arrived with So You Think You Can Dance? And so, the obvious next step was a film.

Yes, this film does not grip you, but it does take you on a comical journey and unlike some other films, puts genuinely talented people on screen. Nichola Burley, Richard Windsor and Ukweli Roach (fresh out of RADA) are clearly not just pretty faces (though they have those as well), they carry out the choreography with flawless grace and are just amazing to watch, alongside other new emerging dance talent like Diversity and George Sampson – both products of Britain's Got Talent.

I very much doubt that Veritgo Films have a box-office sell-out in their hands, but they have given us a damn good reason to support our own and give the Americans a run for their money in films of a similar genre – without the cheesey polished affects.

Street Dance 3D is a feel-good film and a great reason to be proud of being British. And, if you're anything like me, it might leave you racing to your nearest dance studio to try out your own moves.

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