Film Review: The Back-Up Plan – Cinemas Nationwide

If you'd ask me to go along and see a Jennifer Lopez film with you, I undoubtedly would have, politely as possible, said ‘No, thank you'. But if that had been the case, I would have sorely missed out because The Back-Up Plan is a very true, comical and highly enjoyable viewing experience that I would really recommend.

Meet Zoe (Jennifer Lopez), a capable and accomplished women who has never met the right man and feeling that she is running out of time to start her own family, decides to go down the artificial-insemination route. Extreme? Maybe. But absolutely hilarious when she then bumps into Mr Right, Stan (Alex O'Loughlin), as she skips out of the fertility clinic, freshly inseminated. Ouch. Suddenly, everything is backwards and we follow them on a rather unusual tale of courtship and woe, with the support of one very entertaining ‘Single Mothers and Proud' club.

Performances from supporting cast members, Melissa McCarthy (Carol) – the leader of the aforementioned ‘club'; Maribeth Monroe (Lori) – a member of this same club and one who is VERY open to sharing her birthing experience; Michaela Watkins (Mona) – a synical and sassy best-friend and mother of three, or is it four?, children and Robert Klein (Dr Harris) – whose comedy timing is priceless, all provide the right balance of funny in the face of the daily reality, without it (thankfully) being too try-hard. And let's not forget our two leads, who have a fantastic and believable chemistry on screen – helped, me thinks, by Lopez's gloss of newly-found motherhood status.

The Back-Up Plan provides us with a formula which combines independence, romance, and plenty of obstacles along the way but the result shows us that not everything in life can be so easily planned ahead.

The Back-Up Plan plays UK cinemas nationwide from 7th May 2010.

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