Globe and The Space to broadcast Shakespeare’s Henry VI plays live

The Globe Theatre will present their fourth and final open-air battlefield performance this Saturday 24th August at Monken Hadley Common, near Barnet.

Shakespeare’s three Henry VI plays will be filmed and broadcast live from multiple viewpoints. Aerial cameras will capture the stage, audience and landscape from above. The Space, the digital arts service from Arts Council England, in partnership with the BBC, will present the event.

It will be filmed by Sparkly Light, the production company behind the filming of last year’s multilingual Globe to Globe Festival in its entirety. They produced 37 films in just 42 days for use on The Space.

An immersive and informative experience will be created, with The Space offering an innovative digital programme with Globe audiences accessing information including text and images – cast biographies, rehearsal photos, an interview with director Nick Bagnall, interactive maps and historical material.

Following the live broadcast, the films of the three plays will be available on The Space’s website.

Four major battles of the Wars of the Roses are featured in the Henry VI plays: Towton (pictured above), Tewkesbury, St Albans and Barnet.

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