Interview: Ed Byrne on the Latitude Festival

Comedy genius Ed Byrne joins the line-up for this year’s Latitude Festival and drops in for a quick chat before the big event.

3684813198_62e793764aWho are you most looking forward to seeing at this year's Latitude festival across the Arenas (Obelisk, Uncut, Comedy, Theatre, Literary and Poetry, Film & Music) and why?
Janeane Garofalo is playing the comedy stage this year which is quite a big deal. I’ve seen her perform in Canada and the US and I’m looking forward to seeing her do her thing in front of a British audience.

What aspect of Latitude Festival interests you the most and why?
I’ve not been to Latitude before but the one thing I’m told about it that I’m looking forward to is the fact that the noise from the other stages doesn’t drown out what’s going on in the comedy tent like it does at other festivals.

What can people expect you to bring to the festival and do you have anything special planned?
Nothing special. Just my usual brand yarn spinning and contrariness.

If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing?
Hill-walking in Scotland. I had intended to spend most of this Summer in the Highlands but it’s looking increasingly like life is going to get in the way.

I’ll be bringing an excellent all weather tent complete with wood burning stove and camp cooking utensils

What do you always bring to a festival?
A good head torch. I think I’m more into the camping and outdoors paraphernalia that go along with the festival experience than most others are. I’ll be bringing an excellent all weather tent complete with wood burning stove and camp cooking utensils. The most useful thing to bring is a head torch. People will make jokes about going down mines but they will also envy your ability to navigate in the dark with your hands free.

Do you have any festival tips for those in attendance at Latitude?
Once again, HEAD TORCH!

What is your favourite colour Sheep?
My father in law is a sheep farmer so I’m going to go with the off-white of a Blue Faced Leicester.

Ed Byrne will be at the Comedy Arena, Latitude Festival – 16th until 19th July.

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