Jonathan Pryce returns to West End in Pinter transfer

Harold Pinter's classic The Caretaker is to open in the New Year at the Trafalgar Studios.


As Governor Weatherby Swann in Pirates of the Carribean – 2006

The Liverpool Everyman production, starring Jonathan Pryce as Davies, will commence in the main studio on 12 January 2010, reports the Daily Mail.

The Chester Chronicle review of the Liverpool production notes: “The three-strong cast gave us all the hallmarks of Pinter’s work, the oddball characters, the out of kilter dialogue, the long pauses, and did it so well it was engrossing. As opposed to irritating, which has been my previous experience.

“Leading the way was the veteran, consummate performer Jonathan Pryce, who nailed the leading character in all his sly seediness. In his ragbag clothes, he WAS the would-be caretaker from scruffy grey head to badly sandaled feet.”

It is not the first time Pryce has performed The Caretaker. He played the character of Mick in a National Theatre version in 1980.

Pryce shaped his career at the Liverpool theatre as an actor and later as its Artistic Director. His latest performance at the Everyman during October was his first since the 1970s.

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