Julie Andrews 02 concert not the comeback fans expected

Dame Julie Andrews returned to the stage after a 30 year break last Saturday night, but it seems not all fans were happy.

Various national newspapers are reporting that Andrews barely sang at all and that there were around 2,000 people who walked out.

According to reports, backing singers did most of the work, while Andrews sang just two songs.

The Mary Poppins star was given a standing ovation at the beginning of the evening, and although there has been a backlash from some dissatisfied fans, organisers AEG insisted that the evening “finished with a standing ovation. That speaks for itself.”

However Joan Craven from Sheffield told the Mirror newspaper: “It was a shambles, a rip-off at £90 a ticket. It was either this or Bon Jovi. We wish we’d seen Bon Jovi.”

Dame Julie, now 74, had an operation in 1997 when surgeons operated to remove growths from her vocal cords. There have been reports on the internet that fans have queued for hours for refunds.

However, one Andrews fan said she really enjoyed the show. “She was magical. Okay she didn’t sing much, but the show was brilliant nevertheless and many people enjoyed it. I love her.”

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  1. I went to the Concert/show/appearance- and I adore Julie, but it was a disaster.Completely wrong Venue,wrong Content and an over-indulgent 2nd half ill-suited for a mature audience.Ms Andrews left the singing mainly to her supporting Quintet of nobodies.It was of course great seeing her & the audience went wild when she “sang” but the moments were few and far between.The whole evening sank in the 2nd half when we were treated to a musical adaptation of a book she and her daughter had penned- “Simeon’s Gift”.One hour of Purgatory. I was sitting next to a man who had paid more than £200 for his ticket and had flown in from Norway & was totally unaware of the programme -like most of us taking into account the very muted response to 95% of the show. V V disappointing.We know Julie’s voice is no more-she admitted it herself,but the programme could perhaps have been a journey through her remarkable career especially when punters have forked out big bucks.Recent press Interviews proclaimed she was “making her singing comback”.If she wanted to showcase “Simeon’s Gift” she should have played in a more intimate venue. This venue and ticket prices screamed of making a fast buck.It must have grossed a million.And that is just programmes alone-a hefty £12 for a 28 page effort cobbled together,3 pages of adverts,9 of credits.The programme boasted an evening with Julie Andrews and people paid to see Julie,not her supporting troupe.You really have to look at it simply,we didn’t expect a lot but got less than we bargained for,and at over £100 a ticket it was just not worth it.If the yanks lapped this up then I don’t know why this didn’t transfer across the Pond.Are Brits more discerning? Promoters Marshall Arts,Raymond Gubbay and O2 -you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. What a wonderful evening with the great Julie Andrews that was. If I were British, I would just feel so proud of this national treasure and give her the warmest welcome possible. Fortunately most Brits did and gave her standing ovations, which she truly deserved. Sadly, a few just lived up to their reputation of complaining too much and alas, asking for refunds, which is something extremely embarrassing to a country of such great splendour like England. Come on, guys, stop wailing and rejoice: the wonderful Julie Andrews has represented you honourably and beautifully wherever she went and it was through her sound of music that the world’s admiration for your homeland got bigger and bigger. How extraordinary it was for Julie to show her love for England by shining on the O2 stage. She has always brought so much joy to our lives! Congratulations, UK, for this gift you’ve given the world: the talented, magnificent and forever beautiful Dame Julie Andrews! Be proud of her: she is LOVERLY and remains one of our favourite things.

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