Noel Fielding plays Zombie King in Film4 horror flick

Noel Fielding, renowned as one half of award-winning comedy duo The Mighty Boosh, will star as the Zombie King in Film4 and Warp Films' upcoming production I Spit On Your Rave which will be filmed at this year's Big Chill Festival.

noel_1As reported on The Drama Student Online in June, the Big Chill Festival this year will be the setting for the latest Film4 horror flick and producers are need as many zombie extras as possible to take part, with Noel Fielding (pictured) leading the way.

The year is 2018. The apocalypse has happened. Zombies rule the world. Human beings are kept only for food (and sometimes entertainment). But old habits die hard, so once a year the zombies still hold a music festival and this year at The Big Chill Festival Warp Films and Film4 will be recreating this ghastly event. With the Zombie King Noel Fielding presiding over proceedings, its time to come and join the fundead!

A highly-regarded comedian in his own right

The Might Boosh Band headlined the Big Chill Festival 2008 and Fielding is set to perform a solo set again this year in addition to his duties as Zombie King. A highly-regarded comedian in his own right, Noel's television work includes appearances in Nathan Barley, Garth Marenghi's Dark Place and The IT Crowd. He also appears in Paul King's debut feature ‘Bunny & The Bull' produced by Warp Films and due for release later this year.

On Thursday 6th of August, Big Chill Festival and partners will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest amount of zombies caught on camera, when shooting begins on. In order to take part in these events wannabe zombies have to be a Big Chill Festival ticket holder and look like one of the undead. Whilst the festival would love for everyone to arrive as a zombie, if revellers don’t have time to get make-up and gear together, the Big Chill Festival will provide Zombification Stations at the arena entrances and get undeaded!

Big Chill Festival will provide Zombification Stations at the arena entrances and get undeaded!

Make-up stations will be open all-day, starting as soon as festival goers start to arrive and set up camp. Once the entertainment area opens at 3pm, revellers will only to be able to get into the Open Air Stage field if they are zombiefied. White face make-up and a bit of fake blood will do, but festival organisers would love it if participants could go the whole hog. There will be zombie-themed DJ sets and other entertainment to keep festival goers in the mood.

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