Recommended: Event for surviving actors of the north

If you’ve become a little lazy of late, or feel you need to breathe fresh wind into your career sails, get across to Manchester in July for a unique event that helps actors survive in this notoriously difficult industry. This really is a valuable tool for any actor, so if you live in the north, be there.

Surviving Actors have run two highly successful events in the Capital, focusing on three key areas – Develop, Sustain, Create. The convention is aimed at professional actors with carefully selected companies exhibiting that provide a service for actors.

Rather than expect actors to come to London, this summer we’re bringing the convention to them

The achievement of the London conventions have prompted Jackson to look north and assist actors in the vibrant city of Manchester. “There are hundreds of actors based in the region and beyond, and rather than expect them to come to London for one of our events, this summer we’re bringing the convention to them,” explains Jackson (right). “Manchester is a hub for theatre, film, television and media, and we’re really excited to be helping real talent in the north.”

There is a fantastic line up of seminars taking place by industry professionals such as TVI, Spotlight, Equity and many more that really benefit the jobbing actor. Check out the website for details and book your place for a seminar – at the cost of just half a pint of lager and a packet of crisps – £3.50.

The main event though is completely free to attend, so do go along and check it out.

Where & When
Saturday 23rd July 2011 – 10am – 5pm.
Manchester University, Sackville Street, Renold Building.

”A day like this is a good opportunity to make contacts
and I’ve collected a lot of business cards.”

”An event like this is great because the industry is so unpredictable.”

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