Recreate Your Favourite Movie And Win At The Jameson Empire Awards 2009!

Consider yourself a budding director? Think you can out-think the greats? Prepared to use nowt but ingenuity, your mobile phone or a DV camera? Ready to re-make, any film of your choice in one minute? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then you could win a trophy at this year’s Jameson Empire Awards to be held in London. Think of it, mixing it up with the great and the good of the film biz.

What You Need To Do

Last year Empire asked you to try your hand at film making, and boy did you respond! The challenge was really simple, – remake any film in no more than one minute. They were festooned with entries ranging from the inspired, to the madcap, to the slightly scary! So now, with an Award in the offing again, it’s time for Done in 60 Seconds: The Revenge!

So for all of you budding Scorseses out there, the rules remain basically the same: your movie must be a 60 second remake of a feature film and not involve any copyright infringement, ie music, product placement (unless it’s a bottle of Jameson!) or nudity (thank you!). The only other stipulation they have this year, as 2009 marks Empire’s 20th year, is that the film you choose was made during Empire’s lifetime (ie, since 1989).


  • Remake a movie of your choice from 1989 onwards (no originality please)
  • Use your friends and family (make sure your cast have agreed to perform)
  • As many as you want (it’s your time)
  • Feel free to ‘adapt’ the film to fit the format (you don’t have to be completely faithful)


  • Go over one minute in length, you'll be disqualified
  • Slander anyone (we're averse to court cases)
  • Do pornography, we are trying to run a decent magazine here
  • Use any footage that is not your own (no ‘mashing’ allowed)

Need Some Inspiration?
To watch a montage of some of last year’s best Done In 60 Seconds entries and submit your own entry go to:

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