Review: A Stage Kindly ‘Bravo’ cabaret


College has started and you have blown all your cash on Freshers Week, but if you have a tenner to spare, then you might want to find out more about A Stage Kindly, one of London's New Musical Theatre Initiatives.

A Stage Kindly is an organization founded to encourage and develop the present and future of new musicals by holding musical showcases open to the public in and around London.

On October 25th, A Stage Kindly's latest cabaret ‘Bravo', treated me to a night of non-stop numbers from international new musicals at Pizza In The Park, Knightsbridge.

Company founders, Katy Lipson and Giles Howe served us a feast of musical entertainment from Australia, America, the UK, France and Italy, performed that night by some of London's finest.

Each story-line never failing to astonish me after the 28 numbers!

‘Bravo' the name of the cabaret presented a wide array of musical theatre repertoire, each story-line never failing to astonish me after the 28 numbers! From the story of Vincent Van Gogh to a musical about a Rock Star restaurant described by the writers as ‘more bizarre than the Rocky Horror Show', ‘Bravo' excelled in what it aimed to do – open my eyes to new writing.

To find out more about A Stage Kindly visit where details of their next showcase are available.

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