Review: Herding Cats, Camden Free Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Forgive me father, I have a confession, for I have found the sinning sisters of Kitten Killers outrageously funny.

Kitten Killers, the all new female comedy sketch group from the Soho Comedy Lab have burst onto the scene at the Camden Fringe with their debut show; Herding Cats. The show, with quick fire sketches; comedy songs and grotesque characters left the Friday night audience needing urgent attention to their newly formed hernias.

Kate Lennon, Kat Cade, Frances Busche and Perdita Stott have created a comedy sketch show that is unafraid to shock and push the boundaries of what is funny, making jokes about religion, sex and a very silly gynaecologist. As a four, the performers bring an infectious energy to the stage and it was clear from the beginning that the audience were completely on their side. The pace was quick and the sketches came fast keeping the audience engaged completely from start to finish, impressive for a debut show.

Herding Cats asks the question ‘How far is too far?’ and although some sketches, including a rather impressive mime by Kat Cade, may have provoked that question, their sketches are pitched perfectly, enough to shock without alienating their audience. A great example of this is their re-worded version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller about post-coital grievances matched with a hilarious interpretive dance that did not leave much to the imagination. A definite strength of this group is their songs, particularly when performed as an ensemble reminiscent of a Smack the Pony style, but naughtier. It would be great to see more of this in future shows.

Kitten Killers have created a debut show that is unapologetic, bawdy and more importantly very, very funny.

**** (4 stars)
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