Review: Thrill Me – Charing Cross Theatre ****

Relationships are never simple and cannot be grasped by those from the outside. Thrill Me examines one of these complex affairs, the relationship of two friends, close friends, who become infamous partners in crime. This is the story of psychopath Richard Loeb and his devoted lover Nathan Leopold, the ‘thrill killers’ from Chicago in 1924.

Two wealthy, seemingly normal, law students connected by their own search for pleasure. This is a pleasure for love, pleasure for crime, pleasure for murder. No matter what it is, when it turns into an obsession, it measures no consequences. With the idea that they were superior, above good and evil, ‘Superman’ as described by the philosophy of Nietzsche, Loeb plans the ‘perfect crime’ to fulfil his need for thrill. But he requires the help from Nathan, while Nathan needs Richard to fulfil his sexual thrill.

This is an award-winning musical by Stephen Dolginoff which is brilliantly executed by director Guy Retallack. Jye Frasca, the original Joe Pesci in Jersey Boys, has a unique voice that fits beautifully with the role of Leopold. This is equally a superb showcase performance from George Maguire as Loeb.

After a successful season at the Tristan Bates Theatre, Thrill Me is sure to thrill and is now showing until 11th June at the Charing Cross Theatre.


**** (4 stars)
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  1. I saw “Thrill Me” twice at the Tristan Bates and once, so far, at the Charing Cross. Both Jye and George provide absolutely spellbinding performances which completely draw one into the whole story. This is a show that began brilliantly and yet still manages to grow, getting better with each visit. The acting and the voices are second to none, enhanced by David Keefe’s atmospheric piano.
    It was difficult to imagine myself enjoying a show about such a horrific series of events before watching “Thrill Me”. This is, indeed, a theatre experience like no other and is certainly one not to be missed.

  2. Subject matter aside, it did indeed Thrill Me. Jye Frasca gives an outstanding performance as the submissive, needy Leopold, beuatifully acted. The twist of who manipulated whom? is played superbly by Frasca. David Keefe’s piano playing throughout adds to the atmosphere created by the two actors. I like it.

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