Richard O'Brien to hold open auditions for musical

As part of the casting process for the forthcoming new production of the pulp fiction detective musical The Stripper, Richard O'Brien, Richard Hartley and Bob Carlton will be holding a one-off open audition.


Both male and female performers are being asked to attend, having prepared a jazz standard. A natural propensity for harmony and an ability to scat are desirable.

This musical theatre adaptation is by O'Brien and Hartley, who are best known for their collaboration on the ever popular Rocky Horror Show.

Richard O'Brien said, “We need new life, new blood and new ideas in theatre nowadays. Someone could get that break.”

The auditions, open to adults 18 and over, will take place at Dance Attic Studios on Tuesday 2nd June. Registration is between 10am -11am and all entries must be prepared to stay until 6pm. Applicants are asked to take their CV, current headshot and prepare one jazz standard song.

Dance Attic Studios – 368 North End Road, London SW6.

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