Susan Boyle makes US debut on American show

Britain's Got Talent runner up, Susan Boyle, made her US debut last night in the US version of the hit series, America's Got Talent.


The unlikely Scottish star, who had to receive treatment for stress immediately after the Britain's Got Talent final, walked onto the stage in Los Angeles with confidence.

In the video clip beforehand, the 48 year old said that she found the pressure was suffocating. “I don't remember much about it after the final,” she recalls. “All I remember is, being put in an ambulance, and being taken to this clinic. I've never felt so tired. When I look back at it now, it was a necessity, because I was tired. I didn't know what was wrong with me though.”

I'm not the frightened wee lassie I used to be

The star added that she always felt like a spectator looking out at the world, but now she felt “part of that world” and was confident enough to live the dream. “I'm not the frightened wee lassie I used to be,” she added.

Boyle then walked onto the stage in front of millions to sing the Rolling Stones track Wild Horses, to rapturous applause. Her debut album is out in a couple of months, with millions of copies expected to be sold. Let's hope SuBo can cope with the pressure the second time around.

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