The Comedy of Oedipus, Lion & Unicorn Theatre ✭

The Comedy of Oedipus can hardly be accused of lacking in energy; the cast have it in abundance. However, a distinct lack of focus is apparent throughout.

Exploiting a conceit of Thebes in Greece and Thebes in Egypt, the story is the tale of a man attempting to solve all the world’s problems. This seemingly straightforward plot is confused by poor framing and a displaced narrative. It too often feels that the actors are all in a play of their own, that no one is listening, and that no one has anything real to lose.

At its finale the story presents us with the moral that individuals can’t solve society’s problems – simple and noble sentiment. But given that the plot has been so radically altered, bearing little semblance to the original, we’re left floundering to grasp why it has been used as a cipher to tell this moral at all.

* (1 star)
Runs until 13th July 2013
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