The London Drama School

Students are taught by actors, directors, dancers, and singers who are currently working in the entertainment business and, therefore, get a true impression of what being an actor is really like. It is a small friendly school where students are taught skills in Voice, Movement, Singing, Dance, Theatre Sports, Physical Theatre, and Acting.

Acting & Improvisation – students will be encouraged to explore various methods of working and will discover different forms of expression. Improvisation encourages the actor to be free and think on their feet.

Acting & Comedy gives students an insight into what it takes to be a comic actor and stand-up comedian. Students write and perform their own stand-up routines in class as well as learning about comic timing and physicality through scripts.

Acting & Screen Acting gives students the tools to act for both stage and screen looking at the difference between stage and screen techniques. From “Hitting your mark” to performing a scene from a soap opera or film.

Students will be encouraged to explore various methods of drama and will discover many different forms of expression.

The London Drama School is situated in the green residential area close to Willesden Green tube station.

More info: or telephone 020 8830 4992

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