Festival Revellers to Star in Zombie Movie

Audience participation will be taken to the next level at this year's The Big Chill festival as fields full of revellers get a Zombie makeover – and transported to the year 2018 – to take part in the shooting of I Spit On Your Rave.

zombie-no-logoFast forward nine years; mankind is extinct after a virus is released at the 2012 Olympics and Zombies have taken over the world but, like their human ancestors, they are partial to a party – especially a Summer festival.

From Warp Films and Film4 comes I Spit on Your Rave, a ‘mockumentary' by director Chris Boyle about the first post-apocalyptic festival, created and curated by fun loving un-dead citizens looking to restage events from the ‘golden age' of the early 21st century.

Filming begins on Thursday 6th August at this year's Big Chill – giving festival-goers an additional day of festivities. The co-production will use thousands of Zombie costumed ticket holders, not to mention vats of make-up, to swell the cast numbers and enter the Guinness Book of World Records for of the “Most Amount of Zombies Captured on Camera”.

Now the festival draws closer we are relishing the challenge to produce our own zombie movie

The Big Chill Co-Founder Katrina Larkin said: “When Film4 first approached us it took us about a week to stop laughing at various Big Chill zombie scenarios. Now the festival draws closer we are relishing the challenge to produce our own zombie movie and bring out our inner zombie. Usually it's what we look like by the Monday morning anyway!

Film4 is very much about exploring new ways of filmmaking -developing talent

Film4 Senior Commissioning Executive Peter Carlton said: “Film4 is very much about exploring new ways of filmmaking, developing talent and creating new and innovative experiences for our audiences. In addition to screening films and offering secret previews at festivals like The Big Chill we want to create memorable cinema events. And any excuse to dress up!”

Do you want to take part? The Big Chill Festival: Thursday 6th – Sunday 9th August 2009

All that those interested in taking part in The Big Chill's moment on the Big Screen need to do for the moment is keep an eye on www.bigchill.net/festival – and take the Thursday off work as filming will get underway in the afternoon.

Ghastly make up and dressing will be prepared on site but the festival is appealing for as many people to arrive in costume as possible, with filming beginning the moment people arrive at the box office, and continuing all over the site through the weekend.

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