Training: ALRA North launches online TV station

ALRA: TV will feature short films which will be written, directed and acted by students of the school.

The project, the first of its kind in the UK, will launch at the end of March and will be available free of charge.

Web services manager Anthony Critchley said: “It’s a chance to get Wigan on the map in terms of its acting ability, and it is also a little bit of promotion for the area.

“Casting agents and viewers who might not be from Wigan will be able to see the films and see what’s happening here.”

ALRA opened in Wigan in 2010 and offers degree level courses in the arts. The London school was launched by Sorrel Carson and Caryll Ziegler in 1979.

Students will soon also start to add video blogs to the online TV channel. Critchley added: “This new channel will also show casting agents what is going on in the North.

“Many just go straight to London to look for actors, we can show them what we do here by just going online.”

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