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Institute of Arts of Barcelona
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts
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  • Distribution

    Distribution to over 500 theatrical and training establishments UK-wide

    Fourthwall Magazine incorporating The Drama Student is distributed to over 500 theatrical and drama training establishments across the UK.

    The magazine is available at theatre bookshops, casting suites, acting centres, theatre greenrooms, rehearsal studios, arts centres, libraries and other venues where industry professionals frequent.

    The publication is also made available to almost every drama school in the country, as well as the drama departments of schools, further education colleges, universities, stage schools and youth theatres.

    Distribution is strictly monitored to ensure that there is no wastage and to make certain that every organisation or individual who is being sent the magazine has actually requested it and will read it.

    Single copies of Fourthwall incorporating The DramaStudent are also available by direct subscription.