Blog: Is infidelity more widespread in entertainment industry?

So Mark Owen has been a rather naughty boy, having confessed to cheating on his wife Emma with around ten different women before their wedding last year.

It kind of got me thinking. Is infidelity more widespread amongst those working in the entertainment industry? If so, why so?

I used to work in musical theatre as a leading man towards the end of the 90s with a passionate group of fellow thesps. If Facebook existed at the time, our ‘Relationship Status' would be permanently described as “It's Complicated” for we were forever at it with our co-stars, knowing fine well they had partners waiting patiently back home or on another tour.

I really was incapable of resisting an affair with whatever beautiful female co-star I was fortunate to play opposite. In most cases, the beautiful girl in question was involved elsewhere. Looking back, I guess that was the thrill. I was young, good-looking and really rather thoughtless.

Did I feel regret? Well at the time, I would justify my actions by convincing myself their boyfriend was probably doing the same. In some cases, I even convinced myself we were in love and eventually we would be together.

It became rather apparent that they were enjoying the intensity of the scene really rather more than they should have!

Now, of course, I do look back with a hint of remorse. I built up this reputation as “the guy who made boyfriend's jealous”, which resulted in some uncomfortable conversations when confronted by “the better half”.

Although, thankfully, I never quite earned the status of “live adulterer” as did one nameless actor we heard of. Without going into too much detail, every night when acting out a sex-scene underneath the bed covers live on stage, it became rather apparent that they were enjoying the intensity of the scene really rather more than they should have!

So, I pose the question, is infidelity in the entertainment industry rife ten years on? Probably. Look, I'm not generally saying the industry is a bunch of sex crazed maniacs, intent on having as many extra curriculum relationships as possible. But there is something to be said about working with other gorgeous and talented colleagues when away from home.

Actors are close at any rate and more flirtatious than the norm. Mix that with kissing every night as the star-crossed lovers and it's a potential recipe for a three course and rather complex sexual feast.

You’ll be pleased to know, I'm now happily married with three charming children, my reckless days well behind me. Then again, I'm now an accountant.


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