Blog: No late night for Avenue Q lead Paul Spicer

As interviews go, this was a good un. I always profess not to be a journalist from the outset, because well.. I'm not.

My interviews always tend to be a nice little natter, performer to performer, to explore the personal career journey of my subject. I find a relaxed chat eases the conversation for us both, which ultimately makes a better read.

I've just spent an hour with the unassuming Paul Spicer at Century in the West End for the spring issue of The Drama Student Magazine.

Of course, I'm not going to give too much away just yet, I've got a gym then dinner date, so you'll have to wait until the full interview is published on April 16th.

But as Avenue Q has just kicked off at the Wyndams Theatre, I will let you know that Spicer is loving the experience, especially at the new venue which he feels really works for the show.

Those lucky enough to attend the gathering afterwards get to meet the puppets

So did he have a late one at the after show party last night? “No, not at all!” He laughs, explaining that he was required to work.

Those lucky enough to attend the gathering afterwards get to meet the puppets, a treat that obviously requires the cast to help out.

“There was canapés and drinks, and you're not allowed to touch anything with the puppets, so there's no food, no drink allowed anywhere near,” he says.

So there’s certainly no chance of a cheeky half to get in the party spirit, especially when the puppets cost in the region of four grand!

“It was so hot, I was sweating trying to talk and be interesting, really tired after the show of course, but after about half an hour we just left. I was home by about half eleven!”

I was really pleased to meet Spicer and discover that he's a focussed, hard working and charming guy. He's had a great journey, has lots of interesting things to say, which of course you'll find out when you read the interview.

In the meantime, go see him in Avenue Q. He and the rest of the cast are brilliant.

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