Blog: Uncovering The Faction #12

Gareth Fordred is a founding member of the faction theatre co. In the 2012 Rep Season he played Malvolio in Twelfth Night, Leicester in Mary Stuart and a reveller in Miss Julie.

Uncovering The Faction #12: Over And Out


This is my last blog: signing out, moving on, selling up. Must skidaddle to pastures verdant, but before I do…

It’s been great writing these blogs, and for whoever may have been reading them: farewell and all the best for the future.

Cue the dancing girls and boys, cue the Victorian professional mourners in black, cue the street procession, the dancing monkeys, performing seals and the fireworks – The Faction Rep Season 2012 is at an end!

It’s a bit odd thinking this is the twelfth of these I’ll have spewed out on a weekly basis from when we started. It only seems like yesterday that I stepped off a plane from snowy Munich, fresh from touring, to step into faction-land once more. Ahhhh….

The evil goblin overlords wish me to plug our future happenings. And as they have their scaly clawed fingers pressed on my mind-control device: I must obey.

It’s going to be an exciting 2012 and there will be lots happening for The Faction, so here we are!

•  Brockwell Park Open Air 2012 shows will be Othello and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in rep. A cast of 8 will tackle both plays in the faction’s distinctive style. For dates check the company website.

• Mary Stuart, our 4 Star sell-out success here at The New Diorama will be returning from 4-22 September 2012. So, for anyone who didn’t manage to catch us this time, round, book now to avoid disappointment, as the run is already selling.

• Watch the website for announcements for our 2013 happenings, the next Rep Season in whatever incarnation it comes into being.

To keep in touch with us in the future, join our mailing list for updates (not of the annoying and too- frequent variety, don’t worry)

“Although they may go under the name of Faction, they display a unity that augurs well
for their future”

– 4 Stars, The Guardian.

Over and out,


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