Brian Timony Actors’ Studio

Brian Timoney Actors' Studio specialise in the acting technique used by the world's top actors Р Method Acting. Over 75% of Best Actor Oscars have been received by Method Actors since the year 2000.

Brian Timoney, Principal of the studio, is a leading UK Method Acting expert who has appeared in the media, including The Evening Standard, The Sunday Express, The Metro, BBC TV, movieScope Magazine and The Stage.

The Studios' goal is to take your ability to an excellent level and launch your career. The studio runs two courses.

The first is a three day ‘Introduction to Method Acting Boot Camp'. This course is a taster of what they do and will provide you with vital tools and techniques used by the world's leading actors.

The second is the Ultimate Acting Programme. This is a unique one year, part-time, comprehensive actor training and career launch. During the year, you work with Brian Timoney and his specialist coaches on all aspects of developing your acting craft. You visit LA for a week to work with a top acting and success coach in Hollywood. They teach you the business of acting – vital to any actor's success. You get to shoot your showreel on location with a professional crew and sessions are held with Casting Directors and Agents. And finally, the Studio holds an Exclusive Showcase at the end of the year at The Groucho Club, Soho, where Casting Directors and Agents see your work.

Brian Timoney Actors' Studio takes pride in aligning themselves with the industry, and providing Casting Directors and Agents with the type of actors they are looking for.

The Studio is very selective about who they work with. Students who apply must be positive, passionate and hardworking with raw ability, which they can shape and mould. Like anything in life where excellence is achieved, the Studios' training is extremely challenging and only for the ultra dedicated. This is no Drama Club.

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