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Past student Javier Ideami ventured to Bali last summer to make a short Sci-Fi film. Javier who is now a Tutor at London Academy, enroled the help of local talent to assist him. He wanted to enter it into the London International Film Festival as a foreign film.

Hidden in a remote area of Bali was a new film studio and Javier happened to be their first ever customer. Good deals were available using the Red One HD camera and so the production went ahead.

An estimated 600 films were in production last year according to local Location Manager ‘Marcel'. She went on to say that many ‘'films are kept low profile, to allow film production companies to do their job without much local distraction and media coverage.”

Julia Roberts was soon to be on the island filming the best selling book Eat Love Pray which was a surprise to the Javier, the film crew and students. After almost 24 hours of non stop acting and take-after-take, the shoot day had drawn to a close. Exhausted, Javier headed back to London Academy office and accommodation complex to sleep and to dream of the wonders of Bali.

London Academy operates a community programme on the island. The title of the project is called ‘Bali Visual' and the teachers come from London Academy and staff from the BBC.

The story ends with the film shot in Bali being chosen as one of the 25 finalists in this year's London International Sci-Fi Film Festival.

The winner will be announced in early May and the film, Erase Love, can be seen in London between April 28 and May 5.

At London Academy this year, Summer Courses are available in many subjects including: Acting, Filmmaking, Make up, TV Presenting, Photography, Screenwriting and many more. Tutors will help you discover new skills and many have won awards for their own professional work. Let's hope Javier wins at the film festival in London, to join the many award winning tutors who teach there.

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