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Today, Fourthwall Magazine (incorporating The Drama Student) launches The Download, a brand new monthly performing arts podcast show. Taking the best elements of Fourthwall Magazine, The Download brings the publication to life. Featuring news, reviews, interviews and debates, The Download is presented by Phil Matthews, Creative Director of 3Fold Media and regular guest Josh Rochford, Editor of Fourthwall Magazine.

Talking about recent news events, the first episode of The Download, has a report from Fourthwall TV’s recent trip to the red carpet at the Olivier Awards, featuring previously unheard footage of their interview with Summer Strallen and an analysis of some of the winners. Guests in this episode include West End leading man Simon Thomas and renowned playwright Philip Ridley.

Simon Thomas, GSA graduate and currently playing Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera, shared advice about how to maintain the stamina for an 8 show week in the West End, and how he likes to prepare.

In the interview Thomas says: “Watch the people you think are amazing. Don’t expect to be the best actor when you leave drama school. You’ll never be the complete actor. The day you die, that is when you’ll be the best actor you can possibly be. Your abilities as an actor is intrinsically linked to your life experience,” he says.

Philip Ridley, described by Aleks Sierz, author of In Yer Face Theatre as the ‘the best British playwright of the last 20 years’ dropped in to chat about what drives him, his extraordinary imagination and his career. Ridley’s inspirational interview covers his thoughts on new writing, music, telling stories, constantly challenging oneself, and what it means to make art.

“Art doesn’t happen in a vacuum,” he says. I”t needs an audience. Lots of actors feel this, that for a long time they’re doing it front of the mirror at home, and at some point something clicks. and you just need to show this off to people. Don’t wait for things to happen, you might have a very long wait. Just create something. You’ve got to do it. I have no patience with people who say ‘I want to do this’ or ‘I want to do that’ – well, just do it! How come you’re saying it, and not doing it.”

Presenter Phil Matthews said that he is looking forward to bringing Fourthwall Magazine to life. “The return of the printed magazine and its success has urged us to look at ways in which we reach our audience and deliver our unique brand,” he says. “Branching out into an audio download means that we bring our articles, interviews and features off the page. Josh and I are looking forward to having some very exciting guests in the studio. Philip Ridley and Simon Thomas were wonderful guests for the first programme. Their insight and understanding of what we’re doing at Fourthwall is evident and what we’ve got is two brilliant interviews with two artists at the top of their game.”

The Download promises to be essential listening for anyone who, like Fourthwall Magazine, is serious about careers in the performing arts.

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