Surviving Actors returns to Manchester for new event

Surviving Actors was launched in 2009 to help encourage actors in all areas of their professional career. Founder Felicity Jackson had a vision to run events throughout the year, not just in London where the first convention attracted hundreds of actors. SA has gone out on the road around the country, including Manchester and Edinburgh, and it has now seen thousands of actors seeking inspiration and advice.

SA falls into three sections. The ‘develop’ part of the convention provides the chance for actors to re-consider their head shot, learn about websites that will assist their career, and the opportunities on marketing themselves with show and voice reels. Companies that provide training for actors also attend, introducing them to classes aimed at refreshing their craft. The ‘sustain’ area of SA looks at creating unique opportunities for actors to learn how to create their own work. It considers casting websites and ways in which to capitalise on getting those all-important auditions. The ‘create’ part explores ways in which actors can use their skills in flexible non-acting jobs, a must for pretty much every actor out there. The event attracts lots of companies seeking to employ actors.

As well as exhibitors, there are a number of useful seminars and workshops happening in Manchester, in audition technique for film and television, the art of networking, casting classes, an exploration of the relationship between an agent and an actor, as well as a nifty seminar on how to kick start self-marketing using social media.

The day will see numerous casting directors on-hand with guidance, including representatives from the esteemed Beverly Keogh Casting company which is based in the city.

The harder you work the luckier you get, and there’s a lot of truth in that

Fourthwall Magazine has teamed up with Surviving Actors as the official Media Partner. Creative Director of 3Fold Media, Phil Matthews, publisher of the magazine said that he was looking forward to the Manchester event. “The whole ethos of Surviving Actors is to help actors, not exploit them, and that is what attracted us to the event at the very beginning,” he says.

“The organisers run a tight ship and always put on an inspirational event, with actors leaving stronger and more determined then ever before. Yes, of course we all know this industry is a tough one, but with talent and drive, it is possible to make a career as a jobbing actor. Someone once said, the harder you work the luckier you get, and there’s a lot of truth in that,” said Matthews.

“I’m looking forward to working with industry professionals on the day, creating an inspirational film that will help actors in their career,” he added.

Every visitor on the day will get a free goodie bag with loads of gifts, including a complimentary copy of the spring issue of Fourthwall Magazine, packed with loads of fantastic articles for actors.

Surviving Actors Manchester takes place at King’s House Conference Centre, Sidney Street, Manchester. M1 7HB from 9am – 4pm. For your FREE e-ticket, register online at

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