Into the Profession: I wish to go to the Festival

As the Edinburgh Festival 2009 approaches, Daniella Gibb recounts her experiences performing in the renowned Fringe Festival.


The Edinburgh Fringe is all about the hustle and bustle and flurry of leaflets as performers vie for audiences – it is truly exciting!

Where can you watch a piece of theatre, see a famous comedian in a pub, do a show, drink a shot of tequila, walk past Superman in the street, have another shot, go to a book reading, hear the bagpipes, have yet another shot and then dance till dawn? At the Edinburgh Festival of course!

I took part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2006. I had worked in Edinburgh before and loved it for all its culture and history so I was excited to see this classy and beautiful city in its festive glory!

If a bird's eye photo were to be taken of Edinburgh during the Festival I like to imagine that it would be a blur of colour. The city is just so vibrant with not a corner left untouched by the energy of performance. It is no wonder that many performers make an annual pilgrimage here, not only to take part but to soak up the atmosphere. You can mingle
with singers, comedians, musicians, actors, writers and dancers from all over the world. The city becomes entirely devoted to every aspect of the arts and it is a wonderful opportunity to socialise or network with like-minded people.

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