Into The Profession: Dancing Queen

Making the transition from drama school student to full blown professional is always daunting. Daniella Gibb recalls graduating from Guildford School of Acting into the international tour of Mamma Mia!


Dancing Queen

I had done the hard part. I'd survived three years of intense training, successfully auditioned for a West End casting agent, negotiated with The Guildford School of Acting the practicalities of working professionally whilst finishing my degree and I'd bought my season ticket for the commute to rehearsals (ouch! There goes the rest of my student loan
and probably my fi rst wage packet!). So off I went to realise my life's dreams and ambitions. Easy!
But no amount of jazz warm ups, voice exercises and Alexander technique can prepare you for the fear you experience on the fi rst day of your first job. I'm not talking ‘first date' fear or ‘driving test' fear (although the symptoms are similar; your heart beating ten to the dozen, sweaty palms and the loss of your ability to speak) it is the fear of standing in a plane at 40,000 feet and preparing to jump!
You've been in the comfort of your drama school aircraft where you know everyone and they know you. You have all the equipment and besides, the whole point of being in there is to prepare you for that jump; but then you're pushed out and you're in free fall, freefalling into… a grotty north London rehearsal room. You realise you're not ready at all.

Read the full published article in issue 1 of The Drama Student Magazine.

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