Review: Liza on an E, Vaudeville Theatre ✭✭✭✭

Liza Minnelli impersonators are a dime-a-dozen but their tendency to go for cheap jokes can often leave an audience cold. Trevor Ashley’s homage to Liza is a different kettle of fish. It’s warm, loving, biting, funny and above all a sincere tribute to that rare thing – talent.

For just over two hours, Ashley delivers a performance that is worthy of the diva herself. Classics are treated with care and respect but delivered with breath-taking accuracy. It’s one thing to take cheap shots, as many other impersonators are inclined to do, but to mix comedy with talent, to really get inside the skin of your subject, is something far greater.

Ashley accompanied by a 6 piece band, under the direction of musical director George Dyer, fills the theatre with the musical canvas against which to set the blaze of colour that is Liza Minnelli.

Ashley’s performance is nothing short of brilliant in every

Standards such as New York, New York, Ring Them Bells, Cabaret (with a few twists) Maybe This Time and Losing My Mind are delivered straight, whilst comedic twists are applied to a stinging attack on ex-husband David Gest to the tune of Be Our Guest from Beauty & the Beast.

It’s the subtle nuances of Minnelli’s stage persona that bring this performance to life. Liza’s infectious, on-stage banter, which often turns to hurried babble, her laugh, and the over the top choreography, all combine to make this so much more than your run-of-the mill Liza parody.

Ashley has nailed the vocal style; Close your eyes and you actually believe you are in the presence of the real thing. It’s a compelling study of how a tribute act should be constructed and executed.

More people will see Trevor Ashley as Liza in this one-week engagement than actually saw Liza when she was in London in March. This is a definite must-see; Whether you are a Liza novice or a hardened fan, Ashley’s performance is nothing short of brilliant in every respect.

**** (4 stars)
Runs until 18th May
More info – Ticket offer

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