Skill Up

It's the time of year when many young people discover that they haven't got into drama school, but, argues Gill Foreman, Arts Educational Head of Outreach, this can be an opportunity – not a door closing.


There are now a wide range of alternative performing arts courses on offer by Conservatoires and Colleges across the UK specifically designed for those trying to boost their skills levels as working theatre professionals, or for students looking to get into full time training at drama school.

If you weren't successful getting into drama school this year, it means that for whatever reason, those who auditioned
you didn't feel that you were either ready or skilled enough for full time training. Perhaps you already know that there's an area of your skills that's weaker than the rest. If you're determined, you're going to apply again, so why not use the intervening time to improve your abilities, acquire new ones and increase your confidence at the same time?

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