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Applying to drama school is a fraught business. To start with, it's hugely competitive with more than 30,000 students every year trying to win a place – almost as tough as trying to get into medical school, writes Hilary Strong.

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Many students are baffled by the options; do they go for a straight acting course or a contemporary drama programme? Musical Theatre or Acting for Musical Stage? One year, two years or three years? The National Council for Drama Training is here to help. We aim to provide impartial and informed advice to students, their parents and teachers from the first stage of expressing interest down to the agonising choice between one or two offers.

NCDT accredits 52 courses across 19 different institutions. It's important to stress that accreditation is a pass or fail business so there are no grades awarded and NCDT does not categorise courses or advise on the ‘best' school. But we will always recommend applying to an accredited course rather than one of the many non-accredited courses if a student is serious about wanting to pursue an acting career.

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