Take Control: Web Marketing

In April 1999 actor Patrick Warrington and businessman Rodney Watney found themselves around a table in the Chelsea Arts Club conceiving the first fully internet based casting information service for performers and agents.


Our emphasis remains on providing multiple, daily, paid work opportunities.

Ten years later CastWeb retains its position as the leading specialist provider of casting opportunities in the UK.
Many industry professionals will tell you that the most important thing for a graduating performer to do, is secure a reputable and established agent.

Those actors that remain unrepresented as they embark on their career will need to maintain this as a priority. Reputable agents will only take on unknown actors after first having seen their work and therein lies the perennial problem; how do you secure the job that an agent can judge you by, if you don't have an agent in the first place? As importantly, how do you keep the wolf from the door whilst you're looking?

Read the full published article in issue 2 of The Drama Student Magazine.

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