The Diary of a Wolfboy with Russell Labey

TDS accesses director Russell Labey's diary as he plans a production for the Edinburgh Fringe.


28 October – Tuesday | San Francisco
Premiere of the movie Milk at the Castro Cinema. The first time me and 95% of the actors and crew have seen the final cut. None of us leave our seats at the end. Tears and hugs. But will America get it? At the party in City Hall everyone asks me what I'm doing next. I give up trying to explain what a pantomime is, who Cannon and Ball are and how giant beanstalks grow. It's a good question though…what am I doing next, after Christmas?

31 October – Friday | Los Angeles
It's 4.00am and I have my usual East Coast jet-lag insomnia. I work at the computer in the dead of night till the Californian sun rises over the yard of Keanu Reeves who lives next door. This morning I receive MP3's of music I've commissioned for another Christmas show, Stig of the Dump. The music from composer, Leon Parris is incredible.

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