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    April 13, 2010
  • Blog: Casting Days assists Sell A Door Theatre Co

    It was an exciting day for many actors looking to be involved with one of the most talented emerging theatre companies of 2010 – Sell A Door.

    Blog: Casting Days assists Sell A Door Theatre Co
    David Hutchinson (Sell A Door) and Felicity Jackson (Casting Days)

    On Saturday 3rd April, Casting Days hosted a day of workshops, seminars, individual auditions and networking opportunities where the Sell A Door Theatre Company searched for new companies members to join their ‘Season of Six.'

    Felicity Jackson, director of Casting Days, said: “Days like today are imperative for theatre companies to find the perfect cast, people they can work with day-in and day-out.''

    As well as the Sell A Door casting session– other theatre companies and directors came down to the Tiger Tiger venue in the West End to see this exciting day. Finger In The Pie theatre company were able to find actors to audition for their upcoming productions, as well as appearances from Alice De Sousa from The Greenwich Playhouse Theatre, and Greg Tallent from the London Fringe Festival.

    Sell A Door were casting for six different plays – Stitching, The House of Mirorrs and Hearts, Railway Children, Next Thing You Know, Where Solitary Eagles Fly and Dracular. So they had quite a task on their hands! However – with the opportunity to see the actors in a workshop, individuals and for some recalls – they were able to fill all the roles with some fantastic actors.

    I haven't got an agent so opportunities to audition for such fantastic theatre companies are few and far between

    “Days like today are perfect for me, I haven't got an agent so opportunities to audition for such fantastic theatre companies are few and far between,” explains Sarah Castle, a London based actress. “I also had the chance to showcase my skills in different environments – which is a real change from the standard 2 minute audition!''

    There was an exciting and positive essence in the air on Saturday – where actors were finally being seen for much longer period of times, and Sell A Door were given the chance to really get to know each actor who walked through the door.

    Casting Days definitely has the right idea in mind – offering casting opportunities for actors where they are able to meet other theatre companies also looking for similar actors for their up and coming projects. The day was a huge success, and Casting Days and Sell a Door should be very proud of how organised and efficient the day was.

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