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    February 15, 2013
  • Interview: Bruce Robert Harris, Broadway Producer

    Video: On a recent business trip to London, the Tony award-winning producer dropped in to talk to Fourthwall.

    Interview: Bruce Robert Harris, Broadway Producer
    Bruce Robert Harris and partner Ed Hummel.

    Have you ever thought what is it like to be a producer on Broadway? It’s certainly a risky business, as Broadway producer Bruce Robert Harris agrees.

    “It’s not an easy job,” laughs Harris. “Sometimes you can work on a project up to five years before it’s ever done. You’re putting in your own money, your own time, your own resources and staff on something before it ever gets done.”

    Harris’ advice about working as producer anywhere, on any scale, is the need to “really love something,” he says. “You really have to be passionate. If you don’t love it, if you don’t live it, if you don’t breathe it, you don’t smell it, you don’t eat it – it’s not going to get done.”

    Harris discusses his highs and lows. Watch the video now:-


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